SUISSE ENTREPRISE, purchase, transfer, assessment and preparing of taxation of business in Switzerland.


Purchase, transfer of business in Switzerland

SUISSE ENTREPRISE, purchase transfer of business in SwitzerlandSUISSE ENTREPRISE, working together with a focus on sustainability of the business being transferred.

SUISSE ENTREPRISE operates in the areas of transmission of business, whether for the sellers or buyers. SUISSE ENTREPRISE is also able to evaluate the assets transferred and submit budgetary and financial plans to the parties.

Through its knowledge and skills, SUISSE ENTREPRISE is able to work in a very wide range.

SUISSE ENTREPRISE, purchase transfer of business in SwitzerlandSUISSE ENTREPRISE has an extensive knowledge network that ensures proper completion of records transferred.

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We have already participated in numerous transfers and purchases of businesses, each time with certain success.

Our main objective is to ensure that both the sellers and the buyers are satisfied and that the assets are and transmitted in best conditions.

Confidentiality related to the processed issue is not allowed to be revealed as well as the particulars of the application processed.